Kristos Bellacheron
Kristos 1P ADD FullW1
Kristos as he appears in Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny
Biographical Information
Real Name Kristos Bellacheron
Birthplace Athens (Present-day Greece)
Birth Date April 23rd, 1569
Age 42 (Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny)
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Soul inside The Amulet) [[Category:Characters who are Deceased (Soul inside The Amulet)]]
Height 5'9"
Weight 156 lbs
Blood Type O
Alignment Good
Weapon Information
Weapon Zweihänder
Weapon Name Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Family Mother: Kaarina (Deceased)
Father: Erríkos (Deceased)
Younger Sister/s: Kisandra
Son: Cyril
Niece/s: Klymene
Series Information
First Game Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny
Appears In Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny
Other Information
English Voice Actor Unknown

Kristos Bellacheron (クリストス ベラシェブロン, Kurisutosu Berasheburon) is a character in the Astral Lineage series of fighting games. He made his debut in Act 2 of Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark Destiny. He travels with Cyril during the events of the game in order to find out what happened to his son who was kidnapped by The Cult, years ago.


Soulcalibur Astral Swords - A Dark DestinyEdit

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  • Kristos' surname "Bellacheron" is divided from the surname "Bellas" which is Greek and comes from the Italian name "Bella", which means "beauty". The "Acheron" part of his surname is also Greek, and is one of the rivers in Greek Mythology from the underworld, meaning "river of woe".


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