"Ah ah ah; no hands~"
— Nirvana

as she appears in The Spirit Lineage
Biographical Information
Real Name Nirvana Tadeas
Birthplace Not sure...
Birth Date Perhaps, May 1595?
Age 11 (SCV

14(The Spirit Lineage)

Gender female
Status Dead
Height 4'9"

4'11" (The Spirit Lineage)

Weight 87 lbs...

91 lbs (The Spirit Lineage)

Blood Type ...
Alignment ...not sure...
Weapon Information
Weapon nothing really... she uses magic
Weapon Name None/Soul Edge
Fighting Style Her own freestyle, whatever she comes up with on the spot
Family Father-???(Nightmare/Raphael Sorel...)

Adoptive brother- Alexander

Adoptive Family- Alexander's Parents

Series Information
Other Information





Nirvana is a young girl with a passive-aggresive attitude. She often makes lewd remarks that shouldn't be coming out of the mouth of someone so young, but she is always taken as innocent in her commenting. She is also quite witty at times, and can never seem to keep herself from arguing.


Nirvana's primary weapon is Magic. Ariel and Lucifer's weapons, however, are inspired by the visions Nirvana sees of Nightmare in the past wielding Soul Edge.


Soulcalibur V/The Spirit LineageEdit

Tadeas Library



Care to dance with me?

Didn't I just tell you 'no'?

I like your style.

Sorry...Love pain?


Having fun yet?

Hope you'll enjoy!

Want more?

This'll be good

Can you handle this?


I like your stamina


You like that?

You like it rough?


Now behave

As if!

You want a beating?

Come on!

It was fun

Let's go

Here we go!

Oh what fun!

Too easy


How'd that feel?

This world is mine for the taking

Ugh, what a bore - While taunting

Oh I hate this! - Spoken when time's up

Wait!- spoken during Ring Out

Naughty.- spoken before Critical Edge

Taste this!- spoken during Critical Edge

You're too rough!- spoken during Guard Burst

I like your passion, we'll dance again sometime.


Daughter of Nightmare

Adopted by Alexander's family at the age of 7


Spyridon Edge's orginal concept was simply to one version, a male version, and was meant for the original Universe.

Spyridon Edge was not going to be coloured like a human. In fact, she(he) was going to bald and have reddish skin with alternate costumes with another skin colour like dark orange and magenta.

"Spyridon" means "Spirit" in Greek

Spyridon Edge was going to be a Greek character

Spyridon Edge's original conecpt was to be the combined form of Yuriko and Tsubasa

Nirvana, the final concept that emerged from Spyridon Edge, is what could be considered a "Loli" in japanese Anime/Manga. She is underage and pretty with large eyes and a fairly undeveloped body and appearance.

* It should also be noted that her appearance + personality were vaguely inspired by Mina Tepes of Dance in The Vampire Bund.